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Science is the Key to FR Fabric

Fabric is the single most important aspect of a garment when it comes to FR protection.

What is important is not how the FR fabric is manufactured, it’s that the FR engineering has been done and that it is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment.

Why the science behind FR matters

The FR market has grown significantly over the past few years which has led to dozens of fabric manufacturers entering the global market. With the increased number of fabrics in the FR market, beware of what fabric makes up your garment and who manufacturers the fabric.

Many companies are using one or two words as a way to help simplify or bias your decision-making process.

beware of simple answers for specific flame resistant fabric


Instead, these terms have created categories that make different fabrics sound “the same.” In reality, all FR fabrics perform differently and you need to know the specifics behind the fabric that makes up your FR garment.

Why some fabrics aren't good enough

Westex by Milliken resistant fabric performance

Regardless of the type of fabric, a garment’s performance depends on the scientific knowledge of the FR fabric manufacturer. Manufacturers with the right scientific knowledge, advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff are all factors in the science of life-saving FR technology.

At Westex by Milliken, our focus on science and education is an important part of why we are all in when it comes to FR safety.


Imported Generic FR Fabric A

Imported Generic FR Fabric B

Imported Generic FR Fabric C

How we consistently engineer FR fabrics for life

That are guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment


Using high-quality fibers and yarns constructed to custom specifications


FR protection is embedded into the cotton structure


Through a unique balance of chemical and mechanical procedures

Broad Testing

At numerous intervals, both internally and in independent labs


Using highest quality dyes ensures optimal light- and color-fastness performance

FR Guaranteed

Proprietary process guarantees FR for the life of the garment

Shrinkage Control

Proprietary technology reduces shrinkage over the life of the garment


Westex Ultrasoft® 7 oz. Shirt & 9 oz. Pant – 100 ILs – Arc Flash 7.1 cal

Why the company behind your FR matters

Knowing the fabric manufacturer behind your FR is key to maintaining an effective clothing program with a consistent product. We pride ourselves on our deep scientific knowledge that has established our FR engineering expertise to help ensure workers stay safe.

Learn more about how Westex by Milliken is all in when it comes to FR safety and how we are committed to consistently delivering FR fabrics with the highest level of protection, comfort, and value.


Create an FR Program

Before you choose FR garments or a clothing supplier, review the critical steps for correctly implementing a protective clothing program.

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