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The Highly Specialized Westex Vinex®

Product Line Overview

Vinex® fabrics, comprised of 85% inherently flame resistant vinal fiber and 15% polynosic rayon, will retain their flame resistant properties throughout the service life of the garment. The fabrics have been successfully incorporated into protective clothing programs at major aluminum companies worldwide for nearly two decades, with positive reports on comfort. Vinex® continues to set the standard as the benchmark fabric in today’s aluminum industry.

End Use Applications

Vinex® is specifically engineered to perform as a specialty protective clothing fabric for use in the aluminum industry because it exhibits a unique ability to shed molten metal. Vinex® has been extensively tested at the BTTG Laboratories in The United Kingdom and select styles are certified to EN 531, EN 373 (classified to D1 and D2) standards. Since insulation from thermal heat sources is directly related to fabric weight, heavier weight styles of Vinex® will offer more protection from second-degree burns than lighter weights. Many aluminum companies have also performed in-house splash tests to determine the protection level required for their unique situation.

Laundry Care and Maintenance

Vinex® fabrics are being effectively handled by industrial laundries worldwide using normal processing equipment. This is an important performance factor as the majority of garments used in the aluminum industry require industrial care to effectively remove soiling and potentially harmful contaminants. In addition, competitive fabrics used in the aluminum industry are very difficult to process using conventional industrial laundry equipment and procedures. Westex guarantees the flame resistance of Vinex® fabrics for the useful life of the garments when proper care procedures are employed. Click here to contact Westex for cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Where to buy Westex by Milliken flame resistant fabric

Vinex® Fabric Styles

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