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When It Comes To FR Safety, We Are All In

Westex by Milliken is proud to be a leading provider of flame-resistant fabrics, keeping workers safe from an array of thermal hazards. We’re not just a supplier, we’re your partner — and that’s how we approach worker protection.

We invest in research that leads to innovative FR technology to keep workers safe and more comfortable. We use proprietary engineering to create unmatched performance and to continuously improve protection, comfort and value. We test well beyond minimum standards because your garments have to work in the real world. We engineer the most innovative FR fabrics in the industry so that we can guarantee our fabrics are flame resistant for the life of the garment. Our products are market-proven, with tens of millions of garments in service worldwide for decades.

Your Trusted Connection in FR

From molecules, fibers, fabrics and wearers to training, hazard replication, garment testing and education — we’re involved in every step of the process. Our relationships with garment manufacturers, laundries and distributors spans decades. Our industry partnerships allow us to draw from members’ experiences to continue making safer work environments.

We help you make good decisions about protective clothing by increasing thermal hazard awareness and understanding through our educational materials. Our real-world arc flash and flash fire testing has allowed hundreds of safety professionals to witness hazards first-hand which ultimately helps build better FR clothing programs. We are more than a supplier — we are your partner in safety.

We are dedicated to clarifying standards and shattering myths because even the best engineering and innovation won’t protect an uninformed end-user. We are innovators, engineers and educators, and we are all in.

We have an unmatched dedication to worker safety


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